Physical and Financial Accomplishment Report

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#Project NameReport DateAllocation (ARP)Allocation (FTM)Releases (ARP)Releases (FTM)EG (Male)EG (Female)
1Quezon Port Development ProjectFeb 29, 201640000000.00(not set)40000000.00(not set)(not set)(not set)
2Expansion of PTB and Construction of Perimeter Fence and Covered Walkway at Port of LucenaJan 25, 20167367000.004094000.007367000.004094000.00(not set)(not set)
3National Greening ProgramFeb 29, 201614733000.007449000.0014733000.0028248000.00777258
4Construction of Wharf Apr 07, 20163000000.003000000.003000000.0010000000.00200
5Negosyo Centers -2016Feb 29, 201630.2930.2930.2930.29(not set)(not set)
6Negosyo Centers -2016Mar 31, 201630288000.0030288000.0030288000.0030288000.00(not set)(not set)
7Negosyo Centers -2016Apr 30, 201630288000.0030288000.0030288000.0030288000.00(not set)(not set)
8Quezon Port Development ProjectMar 31, 2016(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)315
9Construction of standard Two (2) Classroom School Bldg. Gatid E/SDec 31, 20152667895.68(not set)2665422.27(not set)14(not set)
10Construction of two (2) Classroom School Bldg., Sitio Magalolong E/SDec 31, 20152395739.51(not set)2394591.00(not set)120
11 Rehabilitation of two (2) Classroom School Bldg., Sisilmin E/SDec 31, 20151026863.59(not set)999469.62(not set)60
12Rehabilitation of 4 Classroom Bldg., Sta Catalina National High SchoolDec 31, 20151488040.70(not set)1486490.46(not set)80
13Taal Lake Circumferential Road along the Municipalities of San Nicolas-Sta. Teresita-AlitagtagJun 30, 2016200000000.00(not set)200000000.00(not set)26(not set)
14Flyover at Aguinaldo-Daang Hari IntersectionJun 30, 2016320000000.00(not set)320000000.00(not set)28(not set)
15Batangas-Tabangao-Lobo Rd - K0112+304 - K0114+291, K0115+114 - K0116+000, K0116+000 - K0116+918Jun 30, 201655949000.00(not set)55949000.00(not set)20(not set)
16Batangas-Lobo Road K0115+360.00 – K0116+1082.00, K0114+000.00 – K0115+239.00Jun 30, 201679685000.00(not set)79685000.00(not set)24(not set)
17Talisay-Laurel-Agoncillo Rd - K0118+525 - K0119+549, K0119+549 - K0121+074Jun 30, 201679000000.00(not set)79000000.00(not set)21(not set)
18Manila South Road K0036+000.00 – K0036+789.00 to K0043+750.00 – K0044+1084.00Jun 30, 201692581000.00(not set)92581000.00(not set)23(not set)
19MAUBAN-TIGNOAN ROAD, Quezon 1st L.D. K0116+612 - K0116+717, K0123+116.50 - K0126+615Jun 30, 2016144940000.00(not set)144940000.00(not set)17(not set)
20Widening of Daang Maharlika K0113+180.00 - K0114+080.00 to K0117+907.00 - K0118+071.00Jun 30, 2016135000000.00(not set)135000000.00(not set)18(not set)