Physical and Financial Accomplishment Report

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#Project NameReport DateAllocation (ARP)Allocation (FTM)Releases (ARP)Releases (FTM)EG (Male)EG (Female)
1Quezon Port Development ProjectFeb 29, 201640000000.00(not set)40000000.00(not set)(not set)(not set)
2Expansion of PTB and Construction of Perimeter Fence and Covered Walkway at Port of LucenaJan 25, 20167367000.004094000.007367000.004094000.00(not set)(not set)
3Negosyo Centers -2016Feb 29, 201630.2930.2930.2930.29(not set)(not set)
4Concreting of Mangagawa - Capuluan Central FMRMay 25, 2016118126059.56(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
5Negosyo Centers -2016Mar 31, 201630288000.0030288000.0030288000.0030288000.00(not set)(not set)
6 a.Rehabilitation of Purok Baybayin-Ibabang Dupay - Purok Centro Itaas-Ilayang Dupay FMRMay 25, 201615691396.60(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
7Concreting of San Isidro-Ibabang Yuni FMR with 35 LM BridgMay 25, 2016149851070.90(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
8Negosyo Centers -2016Apr 30, 201630288000.0030288000.0030288000.0030288000.00(not set)(not set)
9Improvement of Sta. Catalina Norte-San Isidro-Kinatihan I -Kinatihan II-Pahinga Norte FMRMay 25, 201693215980.17(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
10Rehabilitation of Potable Water System in Luisiana, LagunaMay 25, 201673710956.66(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
11Famy-Real-Infanta-Dinahican Port Rd Jul 15, 201678907000.00(not set)78907000.00(not set)(not set)(not set)
12Protected Area Development and Management - Taal Volcano Protected LandscapeAug 10, 2016500000.00200000.00500000.00200000.00(not set)(not set)
13 Rehabilitation of two (2) Classroom School Bldg., Sisilmin E/SDec 31, 20151026863.59(not set)999469.62(not set)60
14Rehabilitation of 4 Classroom Bldg., Sta Catalina National High SchoolDec 31, 20151488040.70(not set)1486490.46(not set)80
15Naic Diversion Br. along Naic Div Rd (WPBR CY - 2014)Jun 30, 201652000000.00(not set)52000000.00(not set)11(not set)
16Construction of two (2) Classroom School Bldg., Sitio Magalolong E/SDec 31, 20152395739.51(not set)2394591.00(not set)120
17Construction of standard Two (2) Classroom School Bldg. Gatid E/SDec 31, 20152667895.68(not set)2665422.27(not set)14(not set)
18Construction/Opening of Quezon Eco-Tourism-Talao-Talao Road, Dalahican Section, Lucena City Km 135 +Jun 30, 201668000000.00(not set)68000000.00(not set)14(not set)
19Improvement/Widening - Tagaytay City to Batangas via Tuy Road, K0062+260-K0066+866.61 (2-lanes) (TOJun 30, 2016100000000.00(not set)100000000.00(not set)14(not set)
20Darangan Br. along Manila East Rd, Binangonan (WPBR CY - 2014)Jun 30, 201661200000.00(not set)61200000.00(not set)15(not set)