Physical and Financial Accomplishment Report

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#Project NameReport DateAllocation (ARP)Allocation (FTM)Releases (ARP)Releases (FTM)EG (Male)EG (Female)
1Concreting of Binay-Busok-busokan-San Vicente FMR, San Narciso, QuezonJan 02, 002113435143.39(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
2Taal Lake Circumferential Road Jun 30, 2016200000000.00(not set)200000000.00(not set)26(not set)
3Batangas-Tabangao-Lobo Road Jun 30, 201655949000.00(not set)55949000.00(not set)20(not set)
4Batangas-Lobo Road K0115+360.00 – K0116+1082.00, K0114+000.00 – K0115+239.00Jun 30, 201679685000.00(not set)79685000.00(not set)24(not set)
5Talisay-Laurel-Agoncillo RoadJun 30, 201679000000.00(not set)79000000.00(not set)21(not set)
6MSR JCT.Lopez-Catanauan Road Jun 30, 2016125935000.00(not set)125935000.00(not set)24(not set)
7SUMULONG HIGHWAYJun 30, 2016110750000.00(not set)110750000.00(not set)20(not set)
8Marikina-Infanta Road Jun 30, 201669000000.00(not set)69000000.00(not set)25(not set)
9Sariaya Bypass RoadJun 30, 2016166800000.00(not set)166800000.00(not set)31(not set)
10 Lopez Bypass Road, Lopez, Incl. ROW (GAA 2015)Jun 30, 2016100000000.00(not set)100000000.00(not set)26(not set)
11Construction of Lucena-Diversion Talao-Talao Port Road Jun 30, 2016169000000.00(not set)169000000.00(not set)20(not set)
12Lobo- Malabrigo-Laiya-San Juan Road Jun 30, 2016150000000.00(not set)150000000.00(not set)18(not set)
13Construction of Gravel Road - Maragondon Bypass RoadJun 30, 2016150000000.00(not set)150000000.00(not set)36(not set)
14Batangas-Quezon Road (CY 2017)Dec 31, 201870000000.00(not set)70000000.00(not set)(not set)(not set)
15Gumaca Bypass Road, Incl. Row, Quezon 4th L.DDec 31, 2018190700000.00(not set)190700000.00(not set)(not set)(not set)
16Tayabas Bypass Road (CY 2016)Dec 31, 2018200000000.00(not set)200000000.00(not set)(not set)(not set)
17Construction of Atulayan - Bislian - Pamatdan FMRDec 31, 2018156251697.07(not set)9375101.82(not set)(not set)(not set)
18Concreting of Camflora FMRDec 31, 201873977064.37(not set)14795412.87(not set)(not set)(not set)
19Sustainable Livelihood ProgramDec 31, 2018315630000.00(not set)315630000.00(not set)(not set)(not set)
20LRT Line 2 East Extension Project Dec 31, 20188262449442.00(not set)8262449442.00(not set)(not set)(not set)