Status of Projects Encountering Problems

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#Project NameFindingPossible Reason/ CauseRecommendation
1Concreting of Mangagawa - Capuluan Central FMRActual completed concrete 8,251 meters single lane and 1,468 meters double lane.
2Concreting of Mangagawa - Capuluan Central FMRThere are visible cracks on the completed PCCPRepair cracks with concrete epoxy
3Concreting of Mangagawa - Capuluan Central FMRAffected Trees are still not clear/cutLGU to secure ROW and permit to cutting of affected trees
4 a.Rehabilitation of Purok Baybayin-Ibabang Dupay - Purok Centro Itaas-Ilayang Dupay FMRThe project status is 80.04% accomplished with 98% as planned because they were given one month extension.
To finish the project
5Concreting of San Isidro-Ibabang Yuni FMR with 35 LM BridgNo curing of tankThe contractor should provide a curing tank prior to the next pouring
6Concreting of San Isidro-Ibabang Yuni FMR with 35 LM BridgNo revised construction schedule.Provide a revised construction schedule.
7Concreting of San Isidro-Ibabang Yuni FMR with 35 LM BridgOn SES:
-No field Office
-No Bunk House
Set up field office
Provide bunk house and decent sleeping implemented
8Improvement of Sta. Catalina Norte-San Isidro-Kinatihan I -Kinatihan II-Pahinga Norte FMRCuring tank seems small and no drainProvide a drain for the curing tank
9Improvement of Sta. Catalina Norte-San Isidro-Kinatihan I -Kinatihan II-Pahinga Norte FMRUse of open fire/firewood for the cooking at the bunkhouse which is fire hazardShift to use of gas stove in cooking in the bunkhouse
10Rehabilitation of Potable Water System in Luisiana, LagunaFor site inspection
11Tingloy PortFor rectification of minor defectsImproper use of pier by boat vessel's rampRectification before issuance of project completion
12Construction of Wharf Slight delay in construction incremental weather condition during the last month of the year 2015 adjust the project timeline
13Quezon Port Development ProjectOn scheduleN/AFast track remaining activities to achieve an accomplishment of ahead of schedule
14Quipot Irrigation ProjectPublic ExceptionPublic ExceptionPublic Exception
15Quipot Irrigation ProjectFinding 1Reason 1Recommend 1
16Quipot Irrigation Projectfinding 3reason 3recommendation 3
17Quezon Port Development ProjectThe project was completed on schedule (April 10, 2016)The project started at the contractors own risk but high tide prevent the project from completing ahead of time.For turn-over and Acceptance