Status of Projects Encountering Problems

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#Project NameFindingPossible Reason/ CauseRecommendation
1LRT Line 2 East (Masinag) Extension ProjectDelayed implementation1. Procurement issues/delays
2. Unforeseen site condition
3. Political intervention
1.a Review of documents
b. Adjustment in bidding documents
c. Close coordination with all concerned
2.a Advance and close coordination with LGUs and utility
b. Constant monitoring and supervision of works and other deliverables
c. Close coordination with all concerned
3. a. Close coordination with all concerned
b. Strong representation by top management
2Construction of Wharf Slight delay in construction incremental weather condition during the last month of the year 2015 adjust the project timeline
3Light Rail Transit (LRT) 1 Cavite ExtensionAdditional row acquisition are needed
Due to C1A option that requires adjustment of Line 1 Extension Alignment to avoid clashing with C-5 alignment.

Appraisal of additional lots
Preparation and approval of subdivision plans
Negotiate to property owner through a letter offer
4Quezon Port Development ProjectOn scheduleN/AFast track remaining activities to achieve an accomplishment of ahead of schedule
5Quezon Port Development ProjectThe project was completed on schedule (April 10, 2016)The project started at the contractors own risk but high tide prevent the project from completing ahead of time.For turn-over and Acceptance
6Light Rail Transit (LRT) 1 Cavite ExtensionRelocation of Utilities
Utility Relocation is not in full swing because of the processing of MOA between LRTA and Utility Agencies/Companies. (Telcos & Maynilad)

Meralco (On-going relocation of Electrical Post and Conductors)

On-going preparation of MOA
7Tingloy PortFor rectification of minor defectsImproper use of pier by boat vessel's rampRectification before issuance of project completion
8Quipot Irrigation ProjectDelay of contract schedule of contractors
Unfavorable weather condition
Suspension of project contract due to bad weather condition